Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Quarrying

Diamon saw wires are used at granite quarries for cutting large dimensions of blocks.

Our diamond bead diameter is 11.5mm, 40 beads/Meter, the rubber between beads are tightly bonded and it can resist relatively high temperature. It is recommended to use on wire saw machines with 37-110KW main power and water supply of 25-50L/minute. Advantages of selecting our diamond wires:

It is efficient and reliable way of cutting granite blocks without inner breaks.

It is customized according to the hardness of granite that you want to extract at your quarry and we adjust formula according to your feedback to achieve best performace. We normally have three different grades according to hardness of the stone.

Granite Grade 1 - for soft granite (example: Nero Africa / Impala Black)

Granite Grade 2 - for middle hard granite (example: Caledonia)

Granite Grade 3 - for hard granite (example: India Red)

Please note that price displayed is per meter, for example, if you need 50M wire, please simply add QTY 50 and the order will be confirmed as 50M long of wire.

Please see details and select the right wire you need from the table below.

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Item number Used for Größe Information Preis Menge
ZDRW-01 Wire saw machine for granite quarry Bead diameter 11.5mm, 40 beads/Meter Suggested sawing speed 20-30 m2/hour, line speed 28-33 meter/second life time 25-35 m2/meter
55,00 $
ZDRW-02 Wire saw machine for granite quarry Bead diameter 11.5mm 40 beads/meter Suggested sawing speed 15-25 m2/hour, line speed 26-33 meter/second life time 15-25 m2/meter
55,00 $
ZDRW-03 Wire saw machine for granite quarry Bead diameter 11.5mm 40 beads/meter Suggested sawing speed 10-15 m2/hour, line speed 24-30 meter/second life time 10-15 m2/meter
55,00 $

Diamond wire saw is usually ordered by 50M or 100M lengths, other lengths of wire can be ordered as well. Contact us if you would like to test our diamond rubber wire, we provide special test price for customers who would like to try our wires.

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